Gujarat Technological University


 The Indo-German Study Centre was launched on 21st    August, 2012. On the same day GTU has signed MOU with a  German University  “University Of Applied Sciences Technology, Business and  Design” The   Centre was inaugurated by Dr. Akshai Aggarwal, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of GTU and Dr. Norbert Gulerwald,University of Applied Sciences Technology, Business and   Design, Germany. 
GTU has started working for two collaborative research projects with Duale Hochschule Baden Wuertemberg(DHBW)Stuttgart, Germany under the Indo-German Study Centre. Two research projects (I) Cooperation Management among Businesses & (II) Do’s & Don’ts for cross—cultural businesses are being conducted by the Indo-German Study Centre. 
Many Indian companies face problems in doing business in Germany as well as German companies face problems doing business in India. Joint Research between  Gujarat Technological University (GTU) and DHBW Stuttgart is being taken to understand the challenges to improve the Indo-German Business.  
To get some deeper insight in today’s  cooperation management the DHBW Stuttgart and the “Bundeshverband Deutscher Untemehmensberater (BDU)” (German    Association of Management Consultant) conducted an online survey on cooperation management in Germany. The survey covers the  objectives and areas of cooperation, risks and reasons for failure and success in cooperation, and organizational structures of cooperation. Around 150 German companies took part in the online survey. The results were found very interesting and should be compared to a similar survey in an “emerging market”. Because of the close economic relationship between India and Germany the second corresponding survey is taking  place in India with GTU at the  Indo-German Study Centre. 
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