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Joint Research Projects


Joint Research Projects  “Doing Business between India and Germany” and “Cooperation Management”

GTU has initiated two collaborative research projects with Duale Hochschule Baden Wuertemberg (DHBW) Stuttgart, Germany under the Indo-German Study Centre in 2013. The research projects were titled as (I) Doing Business between India and Germany (II) Cooperation Management among Businesses.

These projects were initiated in start of 2013 and on the completion of the projects, GTU and DHBW have launched the research in terms of books for both the projects.

The book on “Doing business between Indian and Germany” has been released during the visit of Dr. Ramesh Shah along with DHBW students on their study tour at GTU on 10th February 2014 and the Book on “Cooperation Management” has been released on the occasion of the Seminar on Lessons from The Joint Projects With DHBW, Germany on Cooperation Management on 18th August 2014.

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