Gujarat Technological University

Evaluation Parameters

All reports sent to University will be evaluated by CGBS Mentors on the basis of following evaluation parameters. If the reports do not follow GTU guidelines, it will be rejected and the entire responsibility shall be borne by the institute.

Parameters for GCSR Country Allocation:
1. Timely submission of report
2. Proper Formatting
3. Plagiarism below 30%
4. Index
5. Complete list of references at the end of the report
6. References with tables/ charts/ graphs
7. Including of latest available data
8. Local company visit ( if applicable)
9. Visit to the selected country (if applicable)
10. Business Plan / Strategies
11. Findings in terms of Import- Export possibilities with India

• Institutes are encouraged to solve the queries/ doubts within one week of receiving the GCSR Handbook to avoid any problem at the later stage.

• Institutes must motivate the students to celebrate National Days of the selected country for increasing their involvement.